Times to Dine

The Belvoir Alehouse is not just a pub (it is a bit special having the Belvoir Brewery next door!) We serve great food at the following times:

Cold Food & Snacks:
Monday-Tuesday 12-7pm (for the time being)

Full Menu:
Wednesday-Thursday 12-2:30pm & 5-8:30pm
Friday-Saturday 12-2:30pm & 5-8:30pm

Sunday Carvery:

It isn’t always necessary to book, but it is always helpful. You can give us a ring on 01664 823978, or e-mail us at:

Take Away a tum filler

Take out sandwiches and meals can be can be ordered for collection any time after 10.00 a.m.

Please take a look at our takeaway menu for full details

Local Produce

The majority of the produce we use is shot, picked, purloined, poached or pickled for the most part within earshot, or at least this side of the horizon.

Gift ideas

What about a gift voucher for the Alehouse? Whether for a brewery tour or for a meal? We can supply a range of vouchers either for a specific amount or a quantity of their favourite beer


Snacks and Lighter menu (pdf)

Monday-Saturday Menu (pdf)

Sunday Carvery (pdf)

A Taste of the Vale of Belvoir (pdf)

Take Out Menu (pdf)

Recipes are occasionally published on request.

Brewhouse Broth is the first such request and features below.

Brewhouse Ham Broth

Take 1 tonne ( 20 Bags) Pale Malt, 1 Pig, choice hops and your own strain of cultured yeast.

Mix with hot Burtonised water at 65 degrees C, and steep for 1 hour.

Draw off the first 4 pints of sweet wort, then proceed with the remainder to make the beer of your choice.

Spent hops should be used as a mulch or for compost for your vegetable patch.

Once the beer has fermented, skim off the excess yeast, heat treat to kill off and feed to your pigs.

When the pig is fat enough, kill.

Reserve the left hind leg for ham, and cure.

Six weeks of rubbing in Saltpetre should cure the ham.

Boil the ham in the 4 pints of first run wort along with potatoes, leeks, onion and swede from your veg patch. Add water to cover the ham, and simmer for 3 hours. When the ham is cooked, cool and slice as required retaining any trimmings or offcuts for the broth. Discard the rest.

Strain the vegetables from the stock, add in the ham trimmings along with split peas, lentils, pearl barley, butter beans, finely diced carrot, potato, onion, parsnip, swede, leek and simmer til the veggies are cooked.

Refrigerate for two days, (its always better on the second or third day!)  then  reheat

Serve piping hot with the bread of your choice