Bottled Beers



Our full range of bottled beers are available at the Alehouse Bar, and also to take home from the Alehouse Shop. Individually, or as three or six-bottle gift packs, they make an excellent present.

Two of our beers (Beaver & Peacock’s Glory) are bottle conditioned and have a yeast sediment. Please allow them to stand before pouring carefully to leave the yeast behind.

The Blue Brew is totally unique and well worth a try. It is  the only beer in the world made with the whey from Long Clawson Stilton cheesemaking. While dry, it has a creamy texture and delicious bite.


Single bottle: £2.90

3 bottle gift pack: £9.50

6 bottle gift pack: £18.50

12 bottle case: £31.90


We occasionally bottle some of our specials and one off beers…although be warned these tend to sell out fast! Our most recent bottled special was Celebration Day which we brewed to mark the 20th anniversary of the Brewery.


The full range:


Light chestnut in colour, our Blue Brew has a smooth full-bodied flavour with a creamy texture derived from the infusion of Stilton Whey into the unfermented wort to produce a unique beer. (4.2%)



Beaver Bitter: A light chestnut, characterful, well balanced malt beer with a subtle blend of choicest English hops and finest Maris Otter malts. (4.3%)



Melton Red delivers a full flavoured, well balanced smooth beer with a subtle blend of hops. (4.3%)



A full-bodied, rich brew with a thick creamy head, this stout is packed with oats, rye, roasted barley, wheat and only the best Maris Otter pale malt. (4.3%)



Golden premium beer which delivers a glorious strutting display of flavours and serves up a generous helping of English cone hops. (4.7%)



A rich smooth ruby red strong ale mingled with a variety of complex flavours thanks to an unusual blend of classic hops. (5.1%)